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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps or interceptors are located between a restaurant’s drain and the sewage drain. They permit the separation and collection of Food waste, Fats, Oils and Grease (FFOG) from the used water, thus preventing such materials from entering the public waste water system.

The grease trap may be located inside of the restaurant or outside. Typically, large restaurants or school kitchens will have their grease trap located outside, usually in the ground. While facilities with smaller traps usually have them inside.

How are you responsible here?

A lot of problems can occur if levels of the collected FFOG are not monitored and controlled. These include drain blockages and back-ups, foul odours and too much FFOG being deposited into the drain lines and the sewer system. Over time, this will produce a solid mass that will begin to obstruct the flow of waste water and cause sewage to back up.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to prevent FFOG from entering the sewer system in the first place. As an owner, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the proper maintenance regimes are in place, and failure to do so effectively can lead to punitive fines.

Shield grease trap cleaning compliance services:

  1. Initially check the grease trap on a quarterly basis, to determine the required cleaning for your site.
  2. Pump-out / remove FFOG and maintain the grease trap when accumulations get too high.
  3. Implement the use of a bacteria additive to reduce the build-up of FFOG and other organic waste.
  4. Assess the viability of the automatic injection pumps to pump the bacteria into the grease trap at set intervals for a virtual, maintenance-free treatment.
  5. Keep a maintenance log.
  6. Advise on the most appropriate grease maintenance system for your specific needs.

Shield can dependably and professionally vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from septic tanks, sand pits, grease traps, catch basins or other liquid waste receptacles such as car wash sumps.

Shield grease trap pumping service thoroughly pumps your grease trap, eliminating the odour and safety problems associated with the poorly maintained grease traps. Unlike some services that just skim the trap or leave hardened deposits, Shield grease trap pumping technicians clean the entire grease trap and scrape away hardened grease. This thorough cleaning means you'll need your grease trap pumped less often, and there's no accumulation of old grease, which can cause unpleasant odours.

Shield disposes the grease trap waste at licensed processing facilities. We maintain proper transport policies and follow all local regulations. Professional Shield grease trap and waste pumping service ensures that the job is done right from start to finish, protecting everyone concerned & the environment from health and safety risks.